I feel so close to you right now

I have become obsessed with Calvin Harris. I started listening to Motion, his new album, about a month ago. It’s grown on me. Now I’m trying to write a song that sounds like his. And here I thought I was happy doing hip hop. I even recruited a friend of mine to write lyrics and sing on my new (but doesn’t exist yet) Calvin Harris-ish song.

I spent a bunch of time today pulling apart “Feel So Close” and the genius is in how simple it is. He just picks the right notes, and catchy melodies, and rubs cool things against each other. But it’s not complicated.

I’m always trying to make things more complicated than they need to be. Calvin reminds me to keep it simple.

When I’m coming up with a chord progression I’m trying to add extra notes: 7ths, 9ths, 11ths, etc. Calvin keeps it pretty straight.

Then I’m trying to swap one of the major chords for minor, or do something that’s not in the scale. Calvin keeps it pretty straight.

Then I’m trying to layer lots of different instruments. Calvin keeps it pretty simple: just one or two things going on at a time.

And he gets his synths to sound just right. And to sound good together.

Really it’s just four steps:
1) Write a great song
2) Make the synth programming and the rest of the instrumentation really sing
3) Record and mix the vocals well
4) Mix and master the track

Couldn’t be simpler lol.


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