You can’t get good without failing. A lot.

Ah, this explains everything!

You can’t experience greatness without enduring suffering. You can’t win without first losing.
That’s the painful irony of success.
The more you avoid failure the more difficult it is for you to achieve the change you want for yourself.
That pain [of failure] is what is going to turn you into a champion.
But only if you let it drive you towards greatness.
Sweat. Fight. Bleed. Cry. And fight some more.

I have been fighting with the same song for months now. I am trying to make it sound professional, like what I hear on the radio, like your favorite song by [insert your favorite pop star here].

And it’s really, really hard. It’s so hard that I feel like a failure. And I come back and face it again every day. And it’s still not working right.

And I fought with it again today. And it’s forcing me to learn some new skills that I need in order to move forward. And it’s exhausting.

And I’m going to win. I’m going to keep doing this until I get where I’m trying to go. Until I’m able to produce songs that sound like they belong on the radio.

Two years ago I quit my job to produce music full-time. I’ve been learning for two solid years now, and I’m not there yet. This is slow. And painful.

I’ve done some stuff that I love. Like “Never Again”. But I also have a bunch of unfinished projects. Like this one.

So I will take the advice to sweat, fight, bleed, cry…and fight some more.


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