When the student is ready…

Argh! I have been wrestling with getting my songs to sound like what I hear on the radio. The instrumentation is making me nuts. Really it comes down to programming synths and selecting sounds that complement each other.

I’ve gotten pretty good at mixing and mastering other people’s tracks. I can take someone else’s song, add some stuff, re-arrange it a bit, and get all the tracks sounding good together.

But I hit a wall when I try to get the synths sounding the way I hear them in my head. I feel like I’m going around in circles. Days go by. And it still doesn’t sound right. Sometimes it doesn’t even sound good.

I have one song I’ve been fighting with for months. I’m tired.

And then the other day a guy showed up in one of Danny’s online classes. He used to teach at Dubspot and he’s programmed patches for synth manufacturers. He’s crazy good. I never really talked to him at Dubspot, and I didn’t take his class, but I know who he is. Everyone talks about how amazing he is with synths.

So I reached out to him and we talked for an hour yesterday. And he’s going to take me on as a student. So I can learn this skill that I need to get where I wanna go.

When the student is ready the teacher appears.


Gustavo turned me onto this Deep At Night track. It’s almost ten years old and it still sounds great. Makes me wanna get in my car and drive. Just drive.


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