Your Soho New Years set is the standard I hold all other DJs to.
– Ariel, Feb 2014

Man, you are killing it tonight!
– Dave, Jan 2014

I do not have the words at the moment to express to you every way that you have have helped me with your music, but know this: every time your tracks are played, healing energy is sent out to the universe.
– Lisa, Jan 2013

Your set was awesome! All remixes and then new funky stuff that I would bet no one had ever heard before — I’d never heard a lot of it.
– Greg, Jan 2013

You had everyone of all ages dancing — from 25 to 65 years old. And you had everyone going nuts as we came into the new year. I’ve never seen the older crowd rocking that hard before.
– Ishik, Jan 2013

I played your mix for some folks at the record store I’m workin at… “Brilliant!” was the appropriate response.
– Jeremy, Oct 2012

You were great! Don’t you love hearing that over and over again all during the night?
– Margo, July 2012

– Deb, Aug 6, 2011

Your beats move us all around the dance floor and then some! Huge hugs man :)
– Melissa, Aug 2011

Did somebody say, “Dark Lord Sexy DJ Music Cowboy Ninjas”? I thought so.
– Carol, Mar 2011

Mike-I said it before and I’ll say it again..fantasssstic job, u really brought the party out in people :)
– Hadar, Mar 2011

That Doors remix is some badass shit! You were smokin’ tonight! xo
– Angela, Mar 2011

Fucking great to see you in action tonight. You are really good at this. Keep ‘em rockin’.
– Tate, Mar 2011

Your music was really HOT
– Nyang’ara, Feb 2011

Last night was amazing!!! Congrats!!! U were great :)
– Marissa, Feb 2011

U were great!!! And u looked soo happy :). It was so nice to watch.
– Marissa, Feb 2011

Amazing music! Thank you so much!!
– Deborah, Feb 2011

Kick-ass party last night!
– Siobhan, Feb 2011

YOU ROCKED IT! Thank you so much for the amazing music!
– Virginia, Feb 2011